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Indian Jewellery Bridal Guide

Choosing your Indian jewellery
Selecting Indian jewellery to match your outfit can be quite daunting for a bride. This is especially so because the photography tends to focus largely on the face and Indian jewellery plays a large role in this. Brides are under increasing pressure to look amazing on their wedding day and to stand out from the crowd - especially with so much now on social media and mobile phone photography - you instantly become the focal point.  As all eyes will be on the bride, selecting jewellery is just as important as the outfit itself.

Always ensure that your indian or pakistani jewellery will compliment your outfit both in terms of style and colour. Make sure to match the Indian jewellery to your outfit. If you are purchasing in a shop take your outfit with you to match. Ay Juzba Indian Jewellery we always ask our brides so send close ups of the outfit and top neckline and we can recommend our indian bridal jewellery pieces accordingly to suit the bridal outfit and style that you want.

Useful tip: If shopping online you can always request close up shots of the Indian jewellery from the online retailer before you buy. Juzba is happy to send you additional jewellery images upon request. 

Make sure the necklace suits your dress neckline and that the hair jewellery doesn’t clash with the embroidery work of your dupatta/veil.

Email your outfit images to Juzba - and we'll recommend the best match bridal jewellery or special occasion indian jewellery for you or alternatively suggest a customised creation for you.

The other important thing is that your Indian jewellery is comfortable to wear and not too heavy.

Useful tip: If the earrings look big make sure you buy saharas to help take the weight off your ears.

What Indian jewellery items are there?

There are so many Indian jewellery items to choose from including:-
Rani haar
Matha patti
Hath panjas
Hijab jewellery
Joora jewellery
…to name but a few Indian jewellery items.

It’s better to buy your Indian jewellery as a complete set, rather than trying to find and match individual items. Juzba sells Indian jewellery as complete bridal sets to give you all the items together saving you the hassle of shopping around or paying premium prices for individual pieces.

Useful tip: When attaching your tikka ask your beautician/makeup artist to use a little eyelash glue to fix it on your forehead so it doesn’t move around.

Types of Indian jewellery

There are different types of Indian jewellery including:
American diamond,

Each jewellery type has its own unique charm and beauty. When choosing the type of Indian jewellery make sure you select something that compliments the style, colour and embroidery work of your outfit.

Indian Jewellery handy checklist

1.Start with a list of your wedding events, outfit colours and types of indian jewellery you wish to purchase. Juzba’s website lets you select jewellery by occasion, by type and by colour.
2.Have a bridal jewellery budget in mind and shop around to ensure you don’t overspend.
3.Ensure any Indian jewellery you like actually compliments your outfit in terms of style, colour and design. Juzba offers a wish list that you can add items to and come back to at any time.
4.Before purchasing your Indian jewellery do your research to check out prices, what styles and types of jewellery are available and what is on-trend.
5.You may wish to buy jewellery that you can wear again and again rather than just for that one day. With this is mind you may wish to choose a neutral colour rather than one that matches your outfit exactly.
6.When searching for your bridal jewellery you may find something suitable for your friends, family or bridesmaids. Juzba offers a handy "Recommend this item to a friend” option so that you can easily make recommendations to anyone.
7.Make your bridal jewellery last. Juzba gives you a handy online indian jewellery care guide which is also printed on our packaging.

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